CP Shades Meet The Stumpers

We make our clothes right here in California, and that means we can use the little bits of fabric left over on the cutting room floor. Karima took her favorite plaid scraps and turned them into the backdrop for this sweet children’s book.

Fans of CP Shades know that these are clothes to live in. Our natural fibers were a perfect fit for this story of a forest family living every day in harmony with each other and the earth.


Meet the Stumpers, a woodland family of curious people who work, play, and sing in harmony with each other and the earth. Once you enter their cozy world you just might want to join their family, too. This tale of dedication and sharing is perfect for storytime, bedtime, or any time!




“In my imaginary world, everybody wears CP Shades!”

 – Karima Cammell

For more information about The Stumpers or to purchase, visit The Official Stumpers Website at THESTUMPERS.COM