Zoom Black Tulsi - 9 Planet - CP Shades
Zoom Black Tulsi - 9 Planet - CP Shades

Black Tulsi - 9 Planet


Tulsi is thought to be the most sacred of woods in India and Indian worship.
The Tulsi Mala is made of the wood or the seeds of Tulsi and is used for name chanting and worship. Benefits: Spiritual and physical healing, focus

Nine Planets
A stone for each planet to balance the energies in your life

Moon - Pearl
Purity, happiness, and success over enemies

Mercury - Emerald
Strength and security

Mars - Red Coral
Energy for life

Jupiter - Yellow Sapphire
Charm and love

Venus - Himalayan Crystal
Power, wealth, success over enemies

Saturn - Blue Sapphire
Love and wealth

Sun - Ruby
Success and longevity

Rahu - Garnet 
Health and longevity

Ketu - Cat’s Eye
Protection by spirits, and from fire

30.5 inch length 




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