Zoom Rudraksha - 9 Planet - CP Shades
Zoom Rudraksha - 9 Planet - CP Shades

Rudraksha - 9 Planet


Rudraksha (said: Ru-druck-sha) are often referred to as beads, but are actually seeds from Rudraksha trees.

Divine qualities of these beads were noted in ancient Hindu scriptures Benefits: mental clarity, memory, and general awareness reduce stress and depression, free negative thoughts.

Nine Planets
A stone for each planet to balance the energies in your life

Moon - Pearl
Purity, happiness, and success over enemies

Mercury - Emerald
Strength and security

Mars - Red Coral
Energy for life

Jupiter - Yellow Sapphire
Charm and love

Venus - Himalayan Crystal
Power, wealth, success over enemies

Saturn - Blue Sapphire
Love and wealth

Sun - Ruby
Success and longevity

Rahu - Garnet
Health and longevity

Ketu - Cat’s Eye
Protection by spirits, and from fire

29 inch full length 


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